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What is the Primary Planet?

The Primary Planet is Ireland’s first children’s news magazine. News, sport, music, entertainment, and dare I say, politics are some of the many topics featured in this exciting publication each month. With a readership of over 60,000 children a month, The Primary Planet is connecting with today's readers, tomorrow's leaders!

What is it for?

Aimed at Primary School senior classes, (8 to 12-year-olds), The Primary Planet is a children’s monthly newspaper in the style of a glossy magazine. It contains 32 pages of fresh, topical and up to date features each month.

What does The Primary Planet do?

The Purpose of The Primary Planet is to bring news, sport and entertainment to you in a language you understand and in a manner you can easily relate to. It also encourages you to read and write for a purpose, providing opportunities for you to contribute to the magazine and engage with fellow-TPPers. Our website provides you with a safe publishing platform for all contributions, as well as a forum for opinion, further reading and multi-media extension.

You can contribute by submitting book reviews, entering the monthly short story competitions, write a report or submit school news. As you will see, we have some budding young journalists your age that write for The Primary Planet on a regular basis.

How popular is The Primary Planet?

The Primary Planet (TPP) has now published over 100 issues and is in over 650 primary schools across the country – just over 15,000 copies are printed each month. 

How does The Primary Planet work?

The Primary Planet can also of course be used like any other newspaper or magazine- simply take it out and read it at your leisure.

How do we get our hands on The Primary Planet?

Get you teacher to email Padraig at




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