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December's Spot Seamie


Will he ever succeed? He’s been 11 years on the go, you know, and not even once has he eluded the hawk-eyed readers of TPP. Does he ever give up? Nope, it’s not in his DNA. And thank goodness for that. So, let the search begin … 

If and when you find him, leave the location, along with your name and school details in the comment box below. If you are right, you will be entered into a draw for an O’Neills county jersey of your choice. Hurry, closing date for this month’s entries is December 24.

Don't worry if you don't see your answer appearing here -- we just don't want to spoil it for others! :) 

Last month's winner: Lauris Solncevs, Killian NS, Co. Donegal 




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