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Spot Seamie this April in Issue 131

Spot Seamie this April in Issue 131

I feel like I’m making excuses all the time, and that’s not what Seamie would want. Is he good at hiding? Yes! Is he good enough to hide from thousands of TPP eyes – clearly not. Or at least not them all. But, like many things in life, you gotta pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get ready to go again. So, come on, Seamie! Let April be the month you finally do it !

In case you need reminding: if you spot Seamie, then log on to (or scan the code provided) and leave his location, along with your name and school details in the comment box provided. If you are correct, you will be entered into a draw for a super O’Neills GAA county jersey of your choice.

Closing date for entries is April 25, 2024






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