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Spot Seamie Seamróg (May Issue)

Spot Seamie Seamróg (May Issue)

OK, guys, if you are a seasoned reader of TPP you know what to do. In fact, you probably have it done already. And you're here to tell us where you found him. So, go right ahead, in the comment box below, and don't forget to leave your school details as well as the hiding spot. 

If you are new to Spot Seamie, it's quite simple. That little red-haired chap you see -- well, his name is Seamie Seamróg. Every month he hides somewhere in the mag, and if you find him, you enter a draw for an O'Neills GAA jersey of your choice. Cool prize, eh? (Thanks, O'Neills). 

So, know that you know the score, let's hear where he's at! Don't worry if you're comment doesn't appear -- it shouldn't. If it did, your hard work would be allowing others to enter and possibly take your jersey from you! 

Good luck ... although I think it is Seamie who will be needing that! 




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