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So Many Mistakes (April 12-16)

In this month’s Editing Activity, we need you to find the 8 incorrect spellings. When you do, in your best handwriting, see if you can write them correctly in the box below.


The Women’s Rugby World Cap has been postponed until 2022 due to the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pondemic.
The tournament was due to take place in New Zealand later this year but has now been pushed back by 12 munths.
Hong Cong were due to play their Asia Rugby Championship match aganst Japan last month, with the tournament also acting as Wirld Cup quali?ers. As you'd expect, this match have also been postpomed.
Hong Kong are aiming to qualify for their secend World Cup in a row, having made their tournament debut in 2017.

No. 1
Correct spelling
No. 2
Correct spelling
No. 3
Correct spelling
No. 4
Correct spelling
No. 5
Correct spelling
No. 6
Correct spelling
No. 7
Correct spelling
No. 8
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