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Vocab Constab (April 26-30)

Are you a good detective? The Vocabulary Constabulary needs your help. 

You can often detect the meaning of a word or phrase by reading it in context, that is, by reading the other words around it in a piece of text. Find the page, article or paragraph in TPP and then detect the word or phrase that solves the clue to its meaning. The number of letters and the starting letter of the solution are in brackets after each clue. 

When you complete the activity, let us know by saying hello in the comment box below. This will enter you in the draw for the Friday prize! 

Page 3 (A Global Village)
Disputes, quarrels, disagreements. (9,c)
Page 4 (Easter Egg Hunt)
Eating a large amount greedily. (7,g)
Page 5 (Supervalu …)
Deliberate harassment, inconvenience. (6,h)
Page 10 (As I Am)
Pleasantly smooth or soft. (6,m)
Page 14 (Purpose …)
Tries hard to do or achieve something. (10,e)
Page 16 (… the Best)
At first, at the outset. (9,i)
Page 16 (… & Testing)
Mental, of the mind. (13,p)
Page 16 (Chosen One)
Decisive, critical, key. (7,c)
Page 22 (… Light …)
Oval, egg-shaped. (10,e)
Page 22 (… China …)
Lit up. (11,i)




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