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Vocab Constab (May 24-28)

P3 No ‘Away’
Break up, fall apart, decompose. (12,d)
P3 Food Waste
Decayed organic material used as fertiliser. (7,c)
P4 College Cubs
A female fox. (5,v)
P4 College Cubs
A place of safety or refuge. (5,h)
P4 College Cubs
Running or jumping about playfully. (10,g)
P4 … Lisdoonvarna
Carry off, take hold of, grab. (3,n)
P4 … Lisdoonvarna
A person employed to drive a private car. (9,c)
P5 Irish Witness
Sympathetic, understanding, caring. (13,c)
P8 West’s Best
Cooperated, worked together. (12,c)
P8 … Poland
Poisonous, toxic, noxious. (8,v)




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