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Find the Word (March 15-18)

In Find the Words, we give you the meaning of the word we need you to find in this month's News Flash. We also tell you the page where it can be found. You just need to make sure the meaning we give matches the word you give. Simple, right?

Page 7
A Greek word meaning Persian City (10 letters, first letter p)
Page 9
Sold again (6 letters, first letter r)
Page 14
An electrical device that moves electrical energy from one circuit to another (11 letters, first letter t)
Page 18
The name given to the low-frequency sound an elephant makes. (8 letters, first letter r)
Page 21
Did not know anything about it (7 letters, first letter u)
Page 24
This word can mean badly beaten (8 letters, first letter h)




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