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So Many Mistakes (March 15-18)

In this month’s Editing Activity, we need you to find the 8 incorrect spellings. 

When you do, in your best handwriting, see if you can write them correctly in the box below.

Ireland's First Wildlife Hospital

Ireland's first animal wildlife hostiple opened its doors on Friday, February 19, 2021. 

The unikue hospital opened  in the grounds of the Tara na Rí pub, in Co. Meath. 

Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland (WRI) have converted the stables at the back of the pub near Navan, to accommadate sick and injured wild animals and birds.

The owner of Tara na Rí, James McCarthy, was delited for the WRI to use the space at the pub. ‘When we heard the WRI was looking for a site for this coming spring season, we were just absolutely taken by their enrgy and resourcefulness,’ he explained.

‘We are going to kater for every native Irish wildlife species here. That could mean treeting anything from a tiny mouse to a seal, a swan or a badger,’ WRI Animal Manager Dan  Donoher told RTÉ, as he examined a buzzard with a broken wing. 

Mr Donoher explained that he has been working in wildlife rehabilitation for 18 years and the opening of the hospital was ‘a dream come through.’

No. 1
The correct spelling is ...
No. 2
The correct spelling is ...
No. 3
The correct spelling is ...
No. 4
The correct spelling is ...
No. 5
The correct spelling is ...
No. 6
The correct spelling is ...
No. 7
The correct spelling is ...
No. 8
The correct spelling is ...




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