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TPP Vocab Constab (March 22-25)

Are you a good detective? The Vocabulary Constabulary needs your help. 

You can often detect the meaning of a word or phrase by reading it in context, that is, by reading the other words around it in a piece of text. Find the page, article or paragraph in TPP and then detect the word or phrase that solves the clue to its meaning. The number of letters and the starting letter of the solution are in brackets after each clue. 

When you complete the activity, let us know by saying hello in the comment box below. This will enter you in the draw for the Friday prize! 

P8 … Dino Find
An expert on fossils. (15,p)
P8 Pudding …
A large flat dish or plate. (7,p)
P8 Pudding …
Moved at high speed. (7,h)
P10 … Breadwinner
Suitable, fitting, appropriate. (3,a)
P10 Wolfwalkers
An official order that has the force of law. (6,d)
P13 Slurry Tanks …
Move to a safer place (8,e)
P3 Brehon Law
Rerouted, redirected. (8,d)
P4 Cave Ordeal
A dangerously low body temperature. (11,h)
P4 Unstoppable
Brave, valiant, lionhearted. (10,c)
P5 Tasteless
Changed or transformed gradually. (7,m)




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