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News Flash: Find the Words (March 22-25)

In Find the Words, we give you the meaning of the word we need you to find in this month's News Flash. We also tell you the page where it can be found. You just need to make sure the meaning we give matches the word you give. Simple, right?

Page 4
4 letters, first letter s -- A word for 'on your own'
Page 7
7 letters, first letter g -- A mythical creature mixed between an eagle and a lion
Page 15
6 letters, first letter l -- This word contains the same letters as the word 'silent'
Page 19
6 letters, first letter t -- a type of vessel that passes through the Panama Canal
Page 18
7 letters, first letter w -- another word for hurt or injured
Page 9
8 letters, first letter r -- A word for stayed, or didn't move from




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