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The Giant Pacific Octopus

OK, TPPers, here's what you have to do. Below are a series of statements on the Giant Pacific Octopus (what a creature). The only trouble is, not all of the statements are true. In fact, 5 are correct, 3 are incorrect. Can you find the trio of intruders? 

When you're done, sign off in the comment box below so other readers can see who joined them in the activity :) Not only that, by saying hello, you get entered into the draw for the Friday prize! 

The Giant Pacific Octopus prefers nice warm water over cold water.
The Giant Pacific Octopus is the largest of all octopus species in the whole world.
The Giant Pacific Octopus has two hearts.
The Giant Pacific Octopus has nine brains.
The Giant Pacific Octopus can change colour in less than a second.
The male Giant Pacific Octopus will die shortly after breeding.
The Giant Pacific Octopus lives in groups of 7 or 8 called schools.
The young of a Giant Pacific Octopus hatches from eggs the size of rice grains.




Kayleigh Fleming

A giant pacific octopus has two hearts, the giant pacific octopus prefers warm water over cold water,the giant pacific octopus lives in groups 7 and 8 called schools

02/02/2023 15:35:55


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