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NF Homework Club (May 04-07)

Hello, everyone, and welcome to this week's News Flash HOMEWORK CLUB! 

Ok, so, for those of you who are new to this, it's quite simple -- below are your activities for the week. The weekly quiz is an audio quiz (you listen to it), while the other activities involve reading and writing. You can do one, do some, or do all. It's really up to you -- especially if your teacher has not given you a list.

None of the activities will take too long, and you will be able to find out how you did this (and every) Friday from 9 a.m. when we post the answers onine in the FRIDAY ANSWER PODCAST -- an audio post just like the weekly quiz.

If you would like to enter our weekly draw to win a News Flash hoodie, then submit your answers, along with your name and email address (your parents' one will do if you do not have one, but make sure you have their permission) in the comment box below. Every Friday morning, we select a lucky winner at random.

Click on the buttons below to start the activities and, most importantly, enjoy!

So, click on the pictures below to access the activities ... and enjoy!


Click on the button below to listen in to this week's quiz. There are 15 questions waiting for your 15 answers. Best of luck. 


Click on the button below to complete this week's Cloze test. You have 8 words to put back into an article so that it reads correctly. Easy peasy! 


Click on the button below to complete this week's editing activity called So Many Mistakes. 8 words are spelled incorrectly and we need you to find them. Bee carefol :) 

4. QUIZ 24

Click on the button below to complete this month's Quiz 24, where each answer can be found on the corresponding page number. E.g. Q.10's answer can be found on Page 10. 






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