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JUNE 2022 -- ISSUE #113

Farewell, dear friends!

It’s that time of the year again. The month of June has come so quickly and with it the farewells and best wishes we have ready to send to you our departing 6th class readers. 

A number of you will have been with us for the last four years! Can you imagine that? So, you’ll understand if we say our goodbyes with heavy hearts. Ever since the Covid restrictions came into force two years ago, it seems like we’ve really gotten to know some of you – especially through the 2020/21 Homework Club we ran while schools remained closed and pupils stayed at home, to the weekly quizzes, maths challenges and competitions of this year and last. Make no mistake, TPPers, you will be missed.

Of course, we’d love to think we’ve helped prepare you in some little way since you picked up your first copy of TPP – whether it has been through the monthly Diary of a First Year we’ve run or through features such as My Online Life and former Planet Wellbeing series.

So, 6th Class friends, wherever you end up next year, we hope you enjoy it, and continue to realise your huge potential. Don’t forget your old friends, and have fun making new ones. If you find time, drop us an email to let us know how you are getting on or, even better, share some First-Year tips with the new crop of 6th class TPPers.

Speaking of which, we know many more of you reading this will be returning to primary school next year – one year older, one school year wiser. We cannot wait to put together a line-up that will keep you guys entertained throughout Season 12. Just be sure to get back here safely in September.

Right – enough of the goodbyes. You’ve got a jam-packed news mag to get through before hanging up those uniforms for the summer. As you will see, we’ve set sail on a story of one of the most remarkable Irish people in history – Saint Brendan the navigator. We hope you enjoy it.  

If you have any book reviews, poems or short stories and would like to see them                                    featured in next season’s TPP, now is as good a time as any to send them in. Email and we will set a space aside for some of them for the coming season.

In the meantime, everyone, have a fabulous, safe and fun summer. (That extends to all you teachers out there too, without whom there would be no TPP!)

Happy holidays, everyone!