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NOVEMBER 2022 -- ISSUE #116

OK, so even the dogs on the street know what’s going to be on everyone’s mind come the end of  this month. Whether you are a footie fan or not, World Cup Fever is set to spread like wild?re – and what a wintertime treat! For those of you   who haven’t copped, the World Cups over the last 92 years have always taken place during the summer period. But with Qatar hosting it this time,  the tournament had to be moved to winter –  although  temperatures are still set to reach 30 degrees Celcius! Of course, November isn’t all about football –   for many of you, Science Week (which runs from November 13-20) will be  the highlight of your month, and we can’t blame you – we’re massive STEM fans here at TPP HQ. So, whatever you’re looking forward to most, we hope you have a great month, and we’ll see you back here for a Christmas Special to behold!