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JUNE 2023 -- ISSUE #123

The last month of the school year, and the last issue of TPP for the school year! Ah well, we all deserve the break, I guess. But boy, hasn’t time flown by?

Many of you will be taking a giant step into the next chapter of your school life in September. Isn’t life funny though – you spend 8 years getting to the top of the primary school ladder, only to discover that once you reach it, you must start getting ready to begin from the first step of a new ladder, which will take between 5 and 6 years to scale. And guess what? When you have conquered that, another ladder appears. But you must remember – the fun is in the climb!

In this month’s issue, we bring you a World Oceans Day Special packed with information about this precious resource. Dive to pages 12-14 and see how wonderful this natural resource really is.

I wish everyone the very best for the coming summer holidays. Stay safe, and we’ll see some of you back here in September as you climb another rung of the primary school ladder. A very special shout-out to all our departing 6th class readers. We’ll miss you!