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OCTOBER 2023 -- ISSUE #125

Now, where did that month go to?

Crikey, we’re already in October and issue two of 10 is behind us. With time flying by like this, we’re all clearly having too much fun!

In this month, we knock that old adage – history is boring – on it’s head as we delve into the world of ancient and aged artefacts that have fetched eye-watering sums of money over the last few centuries. We called this month’s feature ‘Rich History’ – when you read it, you’ll see why!

Of course, we have cracking content in here for all tastes – so if the world of wacky, weird and wonderful news rocks your boat, then sail on over to page 10 for this month’s WWW News. For those of you who love the world of farming, you can plough on to page 15, and for those of you who enjoy a right good ol’ brain bashing, we’ve got you sorted in Planet Puzzles.

As always, we very much welcome your input – especially in the form of book reviews, short stories and poems, so get writing, reporting and reviewing. Remember, TPP is your news, your magazine.

I’ll go now so you can get busy reading.

See you after mid-term, and Happy Hallowe’en!