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FEBRUARY 2024 -- ISSUE #129

Hello, TPPers, wherever you are! As always, you’re very welcome to another jam-packed edition of The Primary Planet. 

As you may have guessed   from the front cover, here at TPP HQ we are big supporters of internet safety, and for that reason the February edition is one of our favourite issues to work on in the school year –  we get to discuss the  important aspects of safe online use with you, our much-valued readers! 

With Safer Internet Day  falling on February 6, we’ve decided to turn our attention (and yours) to the world of ‘fake news’. This is not the first time we’ve focused on this. 

In 2019, we ran a similar feature, but running another one hopefully shows you just how important we think it is to be up to speed on all things fake, when  it comes to the newsfeeds, stories and content that fill our screens every day. 

Of course, we have all your regular favourites in here too, so whether WWW is your first port of call, or the sport pages are where you like to begin, we hope you enjoy every word, sentence and story in this month’s issue. 

Remember, we love to hear from you! So, if you have read a brilliant book of late, or have done something remarkable in your school, be sure to email us at 

See you back here for the March madness,