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Super Book Reviews from 4th Class, Annaduff NS!

Super Book Reviews from 4th Class, Annaduff NS!

My Book Review: Five nights at Freddy’s 1.35am

Author Scott Cawthon

Publisher: scholastic

Hi I'm Oscar from Annaduff. NS County Leitrim and I love to read! This book has three short stories. My favourite one being 1.35am there is also room for one more and the new kid. I like 1.35am more than the other because its more exciting than the rest. The main character Deliah is working at a diner and has to stay up late but her alarm clock doesn’t work so in desperate need she goes to a garage sale and finds a doll called Ella later she finds out its an alarm clock so she ends up buying it. She sets it to 1.35pm but when she wakes up its 1.35am at first she thinks nothing of it. So she throughs it out but the next night she also wakes up at 1.35am again. Turns out the doll is cursed and she going after Deliah. I think all the short stories are amazing but I prefer this one to the rest. I give this book a 10 out of 10.

By Oscar Mulligan, 4th Class Annaduff N.S


My Book Review

Name Of Book: Harry Potter and the goblet of fire (book four) Authour: J.K. Rowling

Publisher: Blumsbury

In this story Harry is unwillingly entered into the triwizard tournament. After completing the first trial Harry must figure out the puzzle to the second trial before it is too late. Out of all the Harry Potter books I like this the most because it is very exciting and thrilling. I would recommend it for children age seven to fifteen and I would easily give it a ten out of ten.

By Molly Becker 4th Class Annaduff N.s Co. Leitrim

My Book Review: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Author Jeff Kinney

Publisher Puffin Books

Year 2008

I really like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. This book is about a boy called Greg Heffleys first day of school. The only reason Greg agreed to doing a diary is because later on when he’s rich and famous he`ll have better things to do than answer peoples stupid questions all day long. So it would come in handy. He thinks he’ll be famous one day but for now he’s stuck in middle school with a bunch of morons. There was a piece of cheese on the basketball court since last Spring and nobody touched it. Then a boy called Darren Walsh touched the cheese so he got the cheese touch and the only way to pass it on was by touching someone else. I would recommend this book for 8-13 years old. I would give it 10 stars.

By Seán Óg Maxwell, 4th Class Annaduff n.s Co.Leitrim

Book Review of : Gordon's Game

Hi I'm going to review my favourite book series Gordon Darcy. There are three books to date.

Author: Paul Howard and Gordon Darcy

Illustrator: Alan Nolan

Published in 2019

I would recommend this book for ten to twelve years old

Summary: It starts when he's little, he was about four when he discovered rugby. His dad was watching a really good game of rugby. Gordon started to teach himself rugby ??by doing lots of skills then he joined a team and played a lot of rugby matches. It was his last match in his home town and he got his pants pulled down. The match was good but it was a draw. He went to a rugby school and he got to play with Ireland and Leinster he has many wacky adventures with his friends. I would give it a 10/10 its a really good book!

It would make a good Christmas present!

By Cathal Gavican Annaduff N.S Co. Leitrim 

Book Review: The story of Croke Park

Author: Micheal O Muircheartaigh

 Illustrator: Graham Corcoran

Publisher: O'Brien Press Ltd.

This book is about Croke Park. I recommend this book for 9-13 year olds because it is very interesting for GAA fans. It contains facts about each county/ Croke Park and Irish history. It tells you about how Croke park was built, and tells you about The Sam Maguire Trophy , Liam Mc Carty and lots other trophies that can be won every year. The book tells you all about male and female sports in the GAA. It also describes hurling and football skills. It is a must read for any GAA fan. I rate this book 10 stars out of ten .

Daire Rowley Annaduff N.S Co. Leitrim 

Name of the book: Gangsta Granny

Author:David Walliams

Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers

Year: October 2011

Gangsta Granny is a story about a boy named Ben and his boring Granny. All Granny ever does is eat cabbages and play scrabble. One day Ben is dropped off at his Granny's house by his parents who love ballroom dancing. While there Ben finds a biscuit tin full of priceless jewels! He figures out his Granny is a jewel thief! I think Gangsta Granny is a great and funny book. It has a lot of twists which make you want to keep reading. I recommend it for any age. If you are a younger child your parents could read it to you.

An easy 10 stars!                           

Reviewed by Eoin Mahon 4th Class Annaduff N.S Co.Leitrim

My book review book: Diary of a wimpy kid the deep end.

author: Jeff Kinney.

publisher: puffin.

year: 2021.

Hi I’m Amy Bohan from Annaduff NS county Leitrim. My favourite book is called The Deep End the author is Jff kinney and the illustrator is Jeff kinney also. The book is about a boy who lives in a family of four his older brother Rodrick is very messy and he annoys his sibling's. his younger brother Manny gets everything he want's and he blame's everything on everyone. and the main character Greg he has a pretty normal life. and we can't forget his parent's his thinks he's a baby still and his dad is strict. It's about where they have to live in his grandparent's basement for a while. after a few day's they started getting really bored there dad had a idea that they should take their uncle Gary's camper van for two weeks . at first things didn't go exactly the way they wanted but after a while they had the best holiday ever. I love this book so much I recommend it for 8-14 and I give it 9 stars!

 I hope you like my review! 

By Amy Bohan 

Name: Harry potter 1-7

publisher: Bloomsbury

year: 1999

author: J.K Rowling

I've picked Harry Potter books 1-7 because they're very good. It's about an orphan that finds out that he is a wizard on his 11th birthday. He lives with his greedy cousin, long necked aunty and a very cruel uncle. When Harry Potter goes to Hogwarts he is put into a house. There are 4 houses Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Gryffindor. Harry is now in Gryffindor. He was made some friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Will his new friends help him with the danger ahead? I would recommend for age 8+ I like these books because they're funny.

Book review by Shona Carney

Book review: Super man

Author Tomas William


Super is a really good book It’s about an evil man who tries to get supermans power but if he gets supermans power he can destory the village. but one day he got supermans power and destroy the village but super man can still defeat the evil man without any powers so he kicked him across the face and got the power and saved the village I would give this book 10 out of 10  

My book review

Name: The 26 story treehouse

Author: Andy and Terry


My favourite book is the 26-story treehouse. There are 13 Chapters in this book.I really like this book because it is funny. This story is about a 26-story treehouse that lives two people Andy and his friend Terry. It used to be a 13 story treehouse and they've added another 13 stories . They have added a dodem car rink ,a skate ramp ( with a crocodile-pit hazard) , a mud-fighting area and lots of other things. And in a faraway land there was a very big city. At the top of that very tall tower there was an apartment and in that apartment there lived a little boy who was very lonely. I recommend this book 7- over. I rate this book a 8/10 .

by: Leah Kelleher 4th Class Annaduff N.S

NAME OF BOOK: The 52 Story Treehouse

PUBLISHER: Macmillan Children's Books

YEAR: 2016

AUTHOR: Andy Griffiths


 I like this book because it’s about the author Andy and Terry the illustrator themselves. There gone on a adventure to find their publisher Mr. Big Nose as they dash through vines slice through steam rollers and find out that he’s been locked up in a cage at Vegetable Kingdom for publishing Vegetable Patty’s new book! But they still have to try and save their animal friend Jill that has pricked her finger on a carrot and fell asleep. Vegetable Patty’s parents were smashed by vegetables! as she’s still seeking revenge.  I would give this book nine stars because it’s very interesting and funny!

BOOK REVIEW by Robyn McNabola

My Book Review

Name: Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Year: First Published in 1999

Author: J.K Rowling

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone is brilliant!!! Harry, who lives with his cruel aunt, uncle and cousin, soon gets told by a giant man named Hagrid that he is a wizard, and shall be going to a wizarding school named Hogwarts. On the train to Hogwarts he makes a friend named Ron Weasley. At Hogwarts, you get sorted into a house group, either Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Hufflepuff. Harry goes to Gryffindor and so does Ron. The subjects you learn are things like charms, transfiguration and potions. Harry makes a new friend, Hermione Granger, but also makes enimies such as Draco Malfoy and Professor Snape,a teacher. Harry and his friends must stop Snape taking the mystical Philosophers Stone! I would recommend it for any age, and it easily gets ten stars!!!

By Daniel Keane, Annaduff N.S Co.Leitrim

My Book review: Big Shot

Author: Jeff Kinney

This is a great book you can ask my teacher Ms, Coggins I never put it down or got bored of it it!! It was so funny!! Greg is the main character he is trying to play basketball for the first time ever but he is not very good at it his team lost every match they played his coach and his mom met his mom said they should enter the second chance tournament but the coach said no so his mom send a message to the team. Then she entered the tournament and she was the coach for the tournament but they lost every game in the tournament but the last game his friend came to play the last game and the enemy team one of the players hurt his foot so greg had to swop team and before the buzzer went he throw the ball behind him and scored the wining point and his coach gave the team ice cream after the win.  I give this book 10 stars

I recommend it for any age and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 

By Séamus Clifford, 4th Class Annaduff N.s Co.Leitrim

Billionaire boy by David Walliams

PUBLISER Harpercollins children

This book is about a boy called Joe and he’s a billionaire books it all started when joe was 8 years old AUTHER David Walliams His dad worked at a toilet paper factory. His life was very boring, until he had a brilliant idea . to have a side wet and the other side dry He became a billionaire but all he truly wanted was a friend. he wanted to go to an ordinary school not a posh school so he went to an ordinary school and he made a new friend called Bob he was a bit fat but then the whole school found out that he was a billionaire shorty after,he ran away from his father but then he went back to his father I recommend this book 10\10 I really enjoyed it!

By Kayla Duignan, 4th class Annaduff N.S

Book review: Randown acts of fun

Author Liz Pichon

The main character is Tom Gates. One day Tom goes to school, everyone has had a donut from the new Bakery. So Tom decided to go to the Backery after school with his friends. After school they were walking to the Backery and saw a few people walking there. They started funning and so did Tom and his friends started funning too. They got there first she said there was enough for everyone. Tom got four donuts one for my sister one for my dad one for my mum and one for myself. As Tom was walking outside he slipped and all the donuts went flying. He broke his foot and he had to go to the hospital. He had to stay home for six weeks. Some of his friends came and started bragging about how much fun school was. I love this book because it is very funny. I give it a 10 out of 10

By Evelyn Gill Ms. Coggins 4th class Annaduff N.S Co. Leitrim

Name of book: The 65 Storey Treehouse

Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

Author: Andy Griffith's & Terry Denton

Year: 2015

My favourite book is The 65 Storey Treehouse. This book is about two children called Andy and Terry. Andy and Terry live in a 65 storey treehouse! Which is pretty impressive!! On every floor they have a different thing for example on one floor there is a cloning machine. There is also a man who is always grumpy and always has a problem so Andy and Terry have to solve the problem. There is 377 pages and 13 chapters which might seem like not that much but the chapters are long. I love this book because the two boys work together sometimes the fight though but that’s okay. I would love to give this book a 9/10

By Aoife Dunne Annaduff National School Co. Leitrim

Book review of the World’s  worst children

Author David Walliams

Illustrated by Tomy Ross

published in June 2019

This is a book about bad teachers e.g miss seethes and miss palavers but there is more and they do wicked things like taking stuff that’s not theirs and lots of rude things . I think that is east to read and I would definitely recommend it for’s very funny. There are also other books by David walliams Like world worst children which is quite good too I would rate it 10 stars easily.

By Mia Gill 4th class Annaduff N.S

Name of book Diary of a wimpy kid Dog Days.

Author Jeff Kinney.

Publiser Amulet Books.

Year 2012

Diary of a wimpy kid is a international bestseller. Diary of a wimpy kid is about a boy called Greg. The story is about Greg in his bed staying away from the sun and his Mother keeps telling him to go outside. Then one day they were going to the beach and Greg wanted to get an ice-cream and when they got home he went back to his bed again and his Mother was getting really strict. Then one day his Mother locked the door when Greg was in school so when Greg came home the door was locked and then he was very mad but his Mother was very happy.

Reviewed by Maxim Gilmartin. Annaduff n.s Co.Leitrim I would give the book Nine stars.







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