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Worth Knowing Series: #1

Conor Dufficy 


Conor Dufficy is a twelve-year-old boy from Co. Westmeath. When he was five years old he was involved in an accident that turned his world upside down. Doctors had to amputate Conor’s left leg and he was left wondering if he would be able to walk, play sports or run ever again.

Conor began his rehabilitation in a wheelchair and with a walking frame. A few months later he was fitted with his first prosthetic leg. This allowed him to return to playing GAA and start wheelchair basketball. He joined the Shannonside Steelers and quickly developed great basketball skills. One of the reasons he enjoyed this so much was because his friends could join in by hopping into a wheelchair to play alongside him. 

Recently he was involved in a Supervalu campaign called ‘Bring It On’. This is telling people from all walks of life to embrace the GAA as a sport that welcomes everyone. Supervalu and the GAA hope to increase participation in sport by 30% over the next four years. 

Conor is such a great inspiration because he shows us that no matter what the situation is, with hard work and sheer determination, you can overcome any obstacles and live your best life!  




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