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Lucy's September Book of the Month

Death Sets Sail is the final instalment of the Murder Most Unladylike series by Robin Stevens. 

This book is the perfect ending to Daisy Wells' and Hazel Wong's adventures as detectives. 

In Death Sets Sail, Daisy and Hazel head to Egypt with a fellow pupil for the Christmas holidays. 

It is fun for the first few days. Hazel is taken in by all the magnificent history of the place, while Daisy (being Daisy) gets  up to all sorts of things including trying to buy a mummified finger! 

When the pair set sail on a cruise, they soon discover they are accompanied by a society whose members believe they  are incarnations of famous pharaohs from Ancient Egypt. 

Things take a turn for the worse when the leader of the society is found dead and her sleep-walking daughter awakens covered with blood. 

The Detective Society (aka Daisy and Hazel) must put their heads together one last time to solve their most puzzling case yet. Can they catch the murderer in two days, before the ship arrives at its destination? Well, if I told you that it wouldn’t be much of a mystery, eh?




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