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Canny Canines

Did you know that your dog can understand 89 words? New research from Dalhousie University in Canada has shown that dogs understand far more commands than we might think. Although 89 is the average number of words a dog can understand, the study found that some dogs only knew 15 words, while others boasted a vocabulary of 215! Most dogs responded to words such as ‘sit’, ‘wait’ and even ‘vacuum’! Only the smartest dogs knew words like ‘whisper’ and ‘loud’. 

Check out this list of the most common words known to dogkind. Woof! 

Watch, Sit, Heal, Roll over, Wanna' go home?, Bye, Where's [insert name of object], Treat, Get water, Home, Bone, Want a ride?, Walk, Want a walk?, Go poo, Water, Backyard, Are you hungry?, Mom, Breakfast, Squirrel, Goodnight, Ball, Get out of the [insert name of object], Dog, Who's that?, Go get your [name of toy], No jumping, Come eat, No biting, What a sweetie!, Inside, Kitchen, Park, Go get it!, All done, Downstairs, Blanket, Bedroom, Dad, Gentle, Cat, Bear/Teddy, So pretty/handsome, Dish, I love you!, Garbage, Let go, Upstairs, Hug, Out, Do you want dinner?, Kiss, Thank you!, No eating!, Bowl, Bath, Rope, Living room, Move, Leash, Drop





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