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Friday Answers NF

Friday Answers NF

1.      What do we call an animal that only eats plants? Herbivore

2.      What two colours are on the Spanish flag? Red and yellow

3.      What colour are sapphires? Blue

4.      What is the world’s smallest ocean? Arctic

5.      What do we call a group of kangaroos – a mob or a herd? Mob

6.      How many days are there in June? 30

7.      If you have 36 sweets to share between 4 friends, how many will everyone get? 9

8.      Brussels is the capital of which European country? Belgium

9.      What is the name of the mammoth in the ice age films? Manny

10.  What is a female swan called?  A pen

11.  Explorer featured: Captain Cook

12.  Gorillas eat plants and meat: True




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