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Friday Answer Podcast -- Nov 19

Friday Answer Podcast -- Nov 19

If you've come here to look for answers, well, guess what -- you're in the right place! Just click on the Answer podcast you need, sit back and listen to all the correct answers come rolling in. When you're done that, be sure to stay tuned as we announce our weekly winner at the end every Friday. Oh, and when you're done that, cos it's Friday, go and have yourself a super weekend!


Audio acting the maggot again, guys. Text for today, if that's OK. 


TPP Quiz 

1.       Who is manager of the Republic of Ireland soccer team?

2.       What did John Logie Baird invent?

3.       Nicola Sturgeon is First Minister of which UK country?

4.       In the Bible, who built the Ark?

5.       Americans call it a faucet, what do we call it?

6.       In which Park is Dublin Zoo situated?

7.       In Bingo, which number is known as ‘Key of the door’?

8.       Which Irish County is known as the Oak Leaf County?

9.       Budapest is the capital of which European country?

10.   What is the name the largest bird found in the wild in Ireland?

11.   Dermot Kennedy

12.   Better Days

13.   Turkey

14.   A shark


15.   1 all


TPP Maths Challenge 

1.     If 2x + 1 = 7 what is the value of x?

2.     How many months in three-quarters of a year?                        9

3.     What is the difference between 5,000 and 50?                     4,950

4.     Add the odd numbers between 20 and 24.                      44

5.     A scale model of a car is made to the ratio of 1:50. The model car is 6cm long, what is the length of the actual car?               3m

6.     2,652 divided by 100.                               26.52

7.     A motorist drove at an average speed of 60km/h for 30 minutes. How far has she travelled?                      30km

8.     A toy car costs €50. It is reduced by 20% in a sale. What is the price of the car in the sale?                        €40

9.     The diameter of a circle is 12cm. What is the radius of the circle?      6cm

10.  I got 38 questions right out of 50 in a quiz. What percentage of the questions did I get right?             76%

11.  How many kg short of 2 tonnes is 1.75 tonnes?                       250kg

12.  The perimeter of a room is 22m. The area of the room is 28 square metres. What is the length of the room?                        7m

13.  If one US dollar is worth €0.65, how many euros will I get for the $200 my Uncle Sam sent me from New York? €130

14.  Two of the angles in a triangle measure 35 degrees and 125 degrees. How many degrees does the third angle measure?            20 degrees


15.  What is the cost of 5 milkshakes at €2.99 each?             €14.95








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