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NF Answers -- March 4

NF Answers -- March 4


If you've come here to look for answers, well, guess what -- you're in the right place! Just click on the Answer podcast you need, sit back and listen to all the correct answers come rolling in. Anyone get 12/12? Of course you did! :) 


Here are the answers to FEB 14-18 QUIZ:

1.      What special day is the 14th of February recognised as across the world? St Valentine’s day

2.      How many days are there in December ? 31

3.      What is a group of lions called? A pride

4.      What organ pumps blood through the entire body? The heart

5.      Helsinki is the capital city of which country? Finland

6.      What was Shakespeare’s first name? William

7.      What kind of animal is a Merino? A sheep

8.      What shape are the cells of a honeycomb? hexagons

9.      How many counties in the province of Leinster? 12

10.  What sort of animal is a copperhead? A venomous snake

11.  What does the symbol H2O represent? Water

12.  What’s the silent letter at the beginning of pneumonia? P




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