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NF Answers Apr 01

NF Answers Apr 01

     1. What colour is an emerald? Green

2.      What fruit do raisins come from? grapes

3.      In North America, how many cents are in a quarter? 25c

4.      What do you call an animal that can live on land or in water? Amphibian

5.      Who is the youngest Disney princess? Snow White

6.      When was the first ipad released? 2010

7.      How many Star Wars movies are there? 9

8.      What volcano destroyed Pompeii? Mount Vesuvius

9.      Who painted the Mona Lisa? Leonardo Da Vinci

10.  In the bible, how many books in the New Testament? 27

11.  What was remarkable about the new species of onion featured in this months’ Strange World? Tearless

12.  What great invention is Offaly native John Joly responsible for? Colour photography





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