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TPP Answers (April 1)

TPP Answers (April 1)

TPP Quiz of the Week 

1.      What was the first name of the artist Van Gogh?   Vincent

2.      What name is given to a country’s song played on official occasions? National anthem

3.      What term is used to describe a greyish cat with dark stripes?  tabby

4.      Ping pong is another name for which sport/game? Table tennis

5.      In what country is the popular tourist town of Alice Springs?   Australia

6.      What would you be doing if you were doing the cancan?     dancing

7.      What do the letters DIY usually stand for?  Do It Yourself

8.      What might a farmer put in a field to ward off unwelcome birds? a scarecrow

9.      What food is traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday?    Pancakes

10. What is the capital of Wales?             Cardiff          

11. Which team won this year’s Six Nations championship?

12. Which Irish Jockey made the record books (again) last week by winning the Cheltenham Gold Cup? Rachel Blackmore

13. What was the name of the horse she was riding?  A Plus Tard

14. In January, the first ever animal to human heart transplant took place in the USA, which animal was the heart from? A pig

15. Do crickets really have ears on their legs? yes      

Maths Challenge 

1.     How many months with 31 days are there in a year?                 7

2.     If you buy an item that costs €13.65 with a €20 note, how much money will you get back?                               €6.35

3.     If the price of a €40 blouse is raised by 10%, what is the new price of the blouse?                €44

4.     What is the price of 3 barbecues at €199 each?                €597

5.     In a volleyball team with 12 players, 9 of them measure more than 2 m. What percentage of the players does this represent? 75%

6.     What is the next number in the sequence? 15, 21, 27, 33, __                   39

7.     What two numbers have a sum of 15 and a product of 54?    6 and 9

8.     To make a fruit drink, Jack mixed 4 litres of water to 1 litre of frozen juice. What is the ratio of water to the amount fruit drink?       4:5

9.     If the price of a ticket to a football game is €15, how many tickets can you buy with €125?                   8

10. How long will it take to drive 180 km at an average speed of 60 km/hour?           3 hours

11. If Andrea can plant 4 flowers in 1 minute, how many flowers can she plant in an hour?              240

12. What is the total cost of 4 computer games at €45 each?       €180

13. If you get 21 spellings correct out of 25 in a test, what is your mark as a percentage?                 84%

14. You got 30% off a €50 kite in a sale. How much did you pay?       €35


15. What is the perimeter of a regular hexagon if one side measures 8 cm.     48 cm

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