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Let's Talk About It -- Sept 2023

Each month we feature a problem that you may be experiencing. You are also encouraged to share your thoughts on it and offer up any adivce you think may be helpful.

Hey Peter!

Firstly, I get you! Almost everyone (me included) can struggle to get back into the swing of things – especially after a long holiday or an extended break from routine. The summer is fun – we get to do the things we WANT to do rather than the things we HAVE to do. But – and hear me out on this – having a routine brings with it lots of positives. It gives structure to our days and can help us to achieve our goals. Talk to any successful person and they will tell you the importance of having a daily routine, and how it helps to build good habits, become more e?cient and get better at things. All the things that help dispel the ‘school blues’, as you call it. So, accept the reality of school being back and take charge of your day where possible. Of course, there are some things we can’t control, such as what time we have to be at school or work, but there are lots of things we CAN take ownership of – here are some examples:

·       Make your school lunch the night before so that it’s all ready for you in the morning.

·       Hang up your uniform after school so that it’s ready for the morning.

·       Set your own alarm so you can get up early enough to have a proper breakfast.

·       Do your best to listen in class – if you do your homework will seem much easier and may take you less time to complete.

·       Agree a bedtime with your parents and stick to it! This will ensure you wake up feeling refreshed and energised, not sluggish and tired.

Good luck with getting back into the school routine, Peter – drop me a line during the year to let me know how you’re getting on.


Don’t forget – a problem shared is a problem halved!


Have you any advice for Peter? If so, why not share it with us right here. Your comment might even be published in next month’s issue of TPP.





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