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A Problem Shared (April)

Check out Hannah's problem on page 25 and let us know what you think. Below is Dee's reply. 


Hi Hannah, 

Firstly, thank you for getting in touch. This is a very important incident to share. And really, you need to let your mum or dad know straight away. I know you say you don’t want to get in trouble but, from what I can see, you’ve done nothing wrong. Of course, if you are playing your Xbox without permission, or playing a game you are not allowed to, then you must come clean. This issue of someone contacting you is much more serious. This person that has contacted you may be genuine – they may well be in the same class as you – but you should NEVER EVER take the chance or share personal information or agree to meet up. Never. When it comes to your online activity, it is SO important that you involve your parents. They must know what games you play, and what these games involve. Please show them the message, explain how you got it and, if possible, report it to the game developers. Also, make sure your personal information is hidden from public view (there are privacy settings in games to allow you do this). By making your mum or dad or guardian part of your online life, you are allowing someone you trust to help protect you and look out for you. Never reply to such requests, block the person if you can and, most importantly, tell that adult in your life. Staying safe online should be top priority, but you should not be doing it alone. Ask your parents to sit down with you and check out for tips on how to stay safe online.

If you would like to o?er Hannah your opinion on what the best thing to do is, we (and she) would love to hear it. You can do this by writing your advice in the comment box below. 




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