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A Problem Shared (May)

Check out Diarmuid's problem on page 25 and let us know what you think. Below is Dee's reply. 


Hi Diarmuid, 

Thanks for getting in touch. You may be right -- it mighht  not be a major problem, but I do understand that it can be tough, especially for your friend.

Not everyone’s parents share the same opinions on things, and not everyone’s parents set the same boundaries for their kids. That’s normal. I wonder what activities you mean when you say your friend is not allowed to do ‘too many things’?

Are any of the activities breaking COVID rules?

Maybe that’s why your friend’s parents are stopping him from doing some things? Many parents are really struggling to try and do the right thing for their kids at this time and this is even harder to do when some are following COVID rules and some are not.

For parents, trying to strike the right balance for their children can be hard to get right. 

If your friend’s parents are very strict all of the time, maybe you could explain some of the activities that you would like to do with your friend to them the next time you are over.

Maybe when they hear what it is you actually do, or what the activity involves, and they see that you would like your friend to be there with you, they might reconsider.

Most important of all, though – respect their decisions and, no matter what, be there for your friend. Hope this helps.

I agree with Dee
I don't agree with Dee (see my advice in the comment box below)
I'm not sure what to think about this one




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