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Is it really all over?

Is it really over?

Are we really about to say goodbye to the ‘new normal’ and return with great sighs of relief to the ‘old normal’? Cross your fingers and toes because we’re being told that the end of COVID restrictions is in sight.

It’s all planned to happen gradually over the months of September and October. The great day of liberation is supposedly October 22. Then, ‘Most remaining restrictions will be eased’, the government says. ‘Most’ not ‘all’ and ‘eased’ not ‘ended’. So not 100%? Hopefully they’re just being cautious about what they promise!

In any case, let’s not complain! Things are set to return to normal. For example, Confirmations and First Communions will be allowed from early September and, by September 20, dance classes and gymnastics will be allowed. Bingo, too, but I assume you’re not interested in that.

September 20 will see workers return to the office, but flexi-times are encouraged – that is, workers choosing their start and finish times, or working from home. Surely it’s time they allowed flexi-times for schools?

However, mask-wearing will ‘not be going away any time soon’, the government says. Well, masks have become quite fashionable and a way to express our individuality. We’ll miss them when they’re gone. But we’ll happily wave goodbye to all the other restrictions COVID has brought upon us.


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I cannot wait to return to the way things were.
I kinda like the 'new normal'.
Some things I would keep, some things I cannot wait to see the back of!
Urgh! I hate masks!
I've gotten used to wearing masks.
Flexi-time for school? Yes, please.
What? I love Bingo!
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