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Spirit Untamed

Fans of the Netflix TV series Spirit Riding Free will be beside themselves with excitement for Spirit Untamed – the second movie to come from the Spirit franchise.

Spirit Untamed tells the tale of Lucky Prescott, the daughter of a famous circus performer who died after falling from a horse she was performing on. 

After her mother’s death, Lucky goes to live with her aunt and grandfather on the east coast of America. However, following a series of unfortunate events, Lucky (and her aunt) heads west to spend the summer with her father, who she doesn’t really know too well. 

On their journey, Lucky meets the most beautiful horse ever (Spirit) and vows to return one day and bring him back home. As you can imagine, Lucky’s father does not want her to ride horses, let alone head off into the wilderness in search of a wild mustang. 

Lucky, stubborn and brave, defies her father and ends up in a battle to save Spirit from the clutches of evil wranglers.

If horses are your passion, or you like tales of courage and adventure, Spirit Untamed will not disappoint.   





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