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Back to the Outback

At the Australian Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia, five of the ‘most dangerous animals are regularly put on show by Zookeeper Chaz Hunt. But Maddie, a venomous taipan snake who regularly features in the show, is so feared by the people who come to the show it really upsets her!

So, Maddie and her pals decide they’ve had enough and head back to the Outback, where they belong. Unfortunately, during their escape, a koala named Pretty Boy – the park’s most popular attraction – tries to alert the park’s security. To shut him up, the gang decide to take him with them.

The lovable pack of animals embark on quite the adventure en route to the Outback, making lots of new friends and foes along the way. Throw in the fact that deranged zookeeper Chaz and his son Chazzie are hot on their tails just adds to the fun. Back to the Outback is definitely worth the watch, mate!

Did you know?

The Australian Outback is a vast, remote area spanning a whopping 5.6 million km2!




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