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Mirabel is a young Colombian girl who is born into a family where everyone has been graced with their own magical gift. All apart from Mirabel, that is.

When Mirabel’s grandmother had to flee her home because of war many years before, she lost her husband but miraculously saved her triplet babies. Her candle, which has continued to burn after fifty years, retains her magical powers, creating a safe casita (house) for her family.

Each member of the family uses their magical abilities to serve the villagers. Mirabel’s uncle Bruno, however, was granted the gift of fortune-telling – a gift that was viewed by many as a curse. As a result, he disappeared from the village.  

When a number of strange events suddenly begin to take place, it becomes clear that all is not well. Perhaps its time for Bruno to reappear? Or Mirabel to discover her gift?

Encanto has it all – beautiful animation, beautiful songs, and a very meaningful lesson about family. No one does this better than Disney.

Did you know?

Encanto was nominated for three Golden Globe Nominations and won the award for Best Animated Feature Film.




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