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Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

The funniest feline to grace our screens since Garfield is back, booted and sworded, but this time he is on borrowed time – even for a cat! 

Following the high jinks and adventures of Shrek Forever After, the fierce and loyal Puss in Boots becomes a legend after defeating a giant monster. But unfortunately, the cavalier cat is struck by a bell in the process and ends up losing a life. When he wakes up, he realises that he is now on the last of  his nine lives.

With this reality hitting home, Puss in Boots decides to hang up his boots and sword and retire into the life of a pet cat. But, as you can likely guess, trouble is about to find him when he sets off to find a Wishing Star to gain his lives back. 

Needless to say, fun, frolics and mad-cat – sorry, -cap, adventure follows. And as with all Shrek movies (and their spinoffs) we get treated to hilarious scenes and dialogue from a collection of well-known fairytale characters. 




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