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The Tiger’s Apprentice

Set in a beautiful version of San Francisco, The Tiger’s Apprentice follows Tom Lee, a young Chinese-American boy who discovers a magical world he never knew existed. 

Upon discovering he is descended from a line of mystical defenders known as the Guardians, Tom embarks on a journey of self-discovery under the guidance  of a shape-shifting tiger named Mr. Hu. Together they must gather a group of ancient Zodiac animal warriors who have become estranged from one another, and do battle against dark forces threatening to end the world.

Put simply, the animation in The Tiger’s Apprentice is top class. And the connection between Tom and Mr. Hu will keep you enthralled throughout. The fact that it is only available to view on Paramount+, however, may mean a lot of people will miss out, which is a shame. This is a good movie with a positive message for us all. 


Did you know?

The Tiger’s Apprentice is based on the trilogy book series of the same name by Laurence Yep. It comprises The Tiger’s Apprentice (Book 1), Tiger’s Blood (Book 2) and Tiger’s Magic (Book 3). 




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